Hybrid Conference – Revisiting the Anti-Vaping Curriculum Guide for Schools

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Southeastern Regional Vocational Technical High School


Joseph F. Baeta, Ed.D., Superintendent, Norton Public Schools, Co-Chair, Anti-Vaping Curriculum Committee; Paul Vieira, Ed.D., Superintendent, Douglas Public Schools, Co-Chair, Anti-Vaping Curriculum Committee; Randi Schuster, Ph.D., Center for Addiction Medicine, Director of Neuropsychology and Principal Investigator; Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School; Sgt. Jacob Dennett, Norton Police Department; Ethan Dolleman, Principal, Norton High School; Jason Hoye, Principal, Natick High School; and Lisa Kingkade, LMHC, M.Ed.


The Massachusetts Anti-Vaping Curriculum Resource Guide for Schools is a statewide, evidenced-based, adaptable, developmentally appropriate curriculum on the impact of vaping on student health and wellness for grades 6-12. A curriculum committee, composed of a multi-disciplinary team of professionals, developed this Curriculum Guide. This conference will revisit this important document, providing updated information about vaping and implementation of “boots on the ground” anti-vaping curriculum and resources that have been developed and refined since last year.

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