Reentry Post Covid – Struggling with Anxiety and Stress: Treating Anxiety – A (re)introduction to evidence-based interventions (Session 5 of 5)

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Wendy Bamatter, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist, 3East DBT Residential Program, McLean Hospital, Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School


Among the many responsibilities that fall on educators and in-school mental health practitioners, among them are the often complicated tasks of identifying youth with anxiety, directing them to the appropriate services, and sometimes offering in-house mental health services. Together, we will (re)familiarize ourselves with the many ways in which anxiety can manifest in childhood and adolescence. Next, we will review a number of evidence-based interventions available to treat anxiety in youth. Even when school mental health personnel are not directly providing interventions to treat anxiety, it can be useful to understand the general outline and tenets of various interventions in which students are engaged in order to better support them i

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