Reentry Post Covid – Struggling with Anxiety and Stress: What about Adaptive vs Maladaptive Ways of Dealing with Stress? (Session 1 of 5)

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Blaise Aguirre, M.D., Medical Director, 3East DBT Continuum, Assistant Professor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry; Gillian C. Galen, Psy.D., Program Director, 3East DBT Continuum, Instructor in Psychology, Harvard Medical School Department of Psychiatry


Stress and anxiety impacts all of us physically and mentally. Knowing what the impact is, recognizing maladaptive ways of coping and then replacing these with more adaptive approaches is the path to a healthier self and healthier relationships. In this talk you will:

  1. Recognize the impact of stress and anxiety on the brain and body
  2. Identify maladaptive ways that you deal with stress
  3. Highlight the differences between adaptive and maladaptive approaches

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