You Matter Too: Sustainable Self-Care for Educators and Clinicians – Integrating Self- (and Other-) Care into Everyday Professional and Personal Life (Session 5 of 5)

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Matt Hersh, PhD, DCEP


In the final webinar of this self-care cultivation and burnout prevention series, we turn to how to think about and enact sustainability of our self-caring efforts. Essential ingredients of sustainability include our motivation and willingness to adopt a growth mindset, our readiness to employ our self-caring skills, and our school’s acknowledgment of our collective needs. To this latter point, we also carefully consider how to locate the inherently individualized acts of self-care into a larger communitarian ethos that asks all of us to look out for one another’s well-being and wellness. When we conceive of each educator’s self-care plan as both unique and as an essential part of a larger whole, we move ever closer to true sustainability of (self-)caring as a way of life rather than as a reaction to the challenges around us.

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