You Matter Too: Sustainable Self-Care for Educators and Clinicians – Myths and Meanings of Sustainable Self-Care (Session 1 of 5)

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Matt Hersh, PhD, DCEP


In this first webinar of the series, we explore the roots of professional self-care and begin to clarify what self-care is and is not. If self-care is primarily conceptualized as a reactive endeavor, in response to the constant demands of a challenging work life, then we unfortunately become victims of circumstance. However, when self-care is a proactive and purposeful way of being, we can anticipate external stressors, mitigate our occupational hazards, and compassionately tend to our own needs toward greater peace of mind and resilience. The roots of self-care also involve honest reflection of what brought you to this profession in the first place and what you believe your valued roles and sense of purpose are as educators and school-based practitioners.

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