NEW - A Culture of School Safety (Student Assembly)

A culture of school safety centers around students understanding the concept that bringing a threat to the attention of a responsible adult is considered being a good citizen rather than being a “snitch.”  Students are critical stakeholders and contribute to a safe school environment every day. Research by the US Department of Education and the US Secret Service show that the most effective way to keep schools safe is for students to establish positive, supportive, and trusting relationships with school staff.


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MPY members, districts and other entities may receive up to 5 FREE in-service workshops each school year. In-service workshops are presented on-site. A minimum attendance of 25 is required per training. If a drop in attendance is anticipated or if you need to cancel, please call MPY, Inc. at least 48 hours in advance. The in-service may be cancelled at the presenter's discretion due to inclement weather or low attendance.

To book an in-service workshop, please contact Beth Williams-Breault at 781-587-3411 or email her at