Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth Celebrates 30th Anniversary

Friday July 20, 2018

Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth (MPY) will be celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. This 501.(c) 3 nonprofit organization began in 1988 as a collaboration to bring educators and law enforcement together to foster health and safety for youth.  From humble beginnings, MPY has become a premier expert in providing professional development and resources to more than 100 members which include school districts and other community entities.

For 30 years, MPY has been serving the needs of our schools by bringing together school superintendents, police chiefs and fire chiefs to brainstorm youth safety as well as contemporary educational issues,” said Wakefield Police Chief Richard Smith, Chair of MPY Board of Directors.

MPY provides training, fosters collaboration and develops programming to increase the health and safety of students in eastern Massachusetts.  MPY is committed to bringing cutting-edge information and high- quality trainings to our constituents and endeavors to provide solution-oriented, community-based, multi-disciplinary approaches to reduce and ideally eliminate risky behaviors for youth.

More than 100 public schools, private schools, education collaboratives and community organizations are members of MPY. According to MPY President Tony Pierantozzi, “The great programs offered by MPY will now be available in a wider area.” Please click on this link to see a listing of members.

The Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth Board of Directors governs this organization. Board members include public school superintendents, police and fire chiefs and other community leaders. Please click on this link to see a listing of MPY Board Directors.

MPY Board Member and Winchester Schools Superintendent said, “The Winchester Public Schools are proud members of MPY. We have been delighted by the up-to-date, high-quality, and informative training workshops, the opportunity to network with other districts and schools and learn from one another, and the organization's focus on helping adults support the health and well-being of students. There is no other organization we trust more to provide accurate and timely information on the challenges our students face. Congratulations to MPY on a terrific three decades of service, with best wishes for many more years together!”