10 Hour Webinar - Embracing Positive Anxiety in Today’s World: Session 1

October 22nd, 2020

Embracing Positive Anxiety in Today’s World: Session 1 

Speaker: Patric Barbieri, M.Ed., Executive Director LABBB Collaborative

Time 10am-12pm

Learn a new perspective on anxiety and its positive roots. There is a stigma associated with anxiety and this was created for so many years because it was misunderstood and we focused on the symptoms and how we reacted to them. “Anxiety” is not a permanent state, it is a flow of thoughts and feelings we choose to call anxiety. If we can learn to understand this energy, accept the feelings associated with it, we will realize that these thoughts and feelings are actually positive, inspirational, and is the motivation that drives us to be productive and successful.

Attendees must participate in each of the 5 two-hour webinar sessions and will receive 10 PDPs upon successful completion of the 10-Hour webinar.

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