2 Hour Webinar - Mindfulness in the Classroom Webinar - The Teacher’s Perspective

February 24th, 2021

Mindfulness in the Classroom Webinar - The Teacher’s Perspective

Speaker, Peter Franklin, CPC, ELI-MP, Certified Mindful Schools Instructor, iPEC Certified Professional Coach, .b Mindfulness Instructor

Time: 3:30-5:30pm

Description: Participants will be introduced to Mindfulness on two different levels: First,
Mindfulness foundations and the importance and benefits of curating one’s own
Mindfulness practice as an educator. Second, participants will be introduced to and
practice several age-appropriate Mindfulness techniques for implementation into
the school setting. Participants will also explore the relevance and importance of
Mindfulness to educators and students, as well as how to best utilize Mindfulness
tools and techniques on a daily basis. In these uncertain times, Mindfulness can
calm the turbulent waters.
Learn It. Live it. Teach It. Embed it.


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