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  • Wendy Bamatter, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist, 3 East DBT Residential Program, McLean Hospital, Instructor in Psychiatry, Harvard Medial School
  • Lisa MacDonald, M.Ed., Founder, Elleminc Consulting
  • Susan Reynolds, M.Ed., Co-Founder, LookUp.live 

This webinar addresses current issues impacting youth living in today’s digital world. What are the harms? What are the benefits? How do we maximize the positive while mitigating the challenges for our students as well as ourselves? The topics presented focus on the impact of social media on mental health, mindfulness as a strategy for digital wellbeing, the power of youth advocacy, and digital wellness practices to implement with yourself, students and families. 

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Incidents of Digital Abuse are on the rise. Digital Abuse, which includes the use of technology to harass, exploit, and intimidate others takes many forms. This conversation focuses on how young people today may be exploited and explores the definition and types of digital abuse. This workshop will also demonstrate how digital abuse is similar/different than other forms sexual violence, our state’s laws, and best practices for prevention.

It is widely acknowledged that online technology can have positive and negative effects on adolescents. While the important positive effects will be acknowledged, the primary focus of this talk will be aimed at addressing specific mental, behavioral, and physical health impacts of online technology use. Attention will be given to highlighting specific methods of better assessing, preventing, and intervening around problematic use.

Social Media has become an integral part of growing up digital. In this session, we will discuss the benefits and consequences, and how we support youth as they navigate to maximize the healthy while mitigating the harms. 

In this experiential session, we will learn and practice different mindfulness techniques to share with our students (families and ourselves as well) in order to counter the addictive and distracting nature of 24/7 connectivity and social media.

This session focuses on how advocacy, by both adults and youth, is changing the ways technology is used, designed and regulated. Participants will learn how their students can join other students to champion a healthier, more inclusive and ethical digital world. 

About the Speakers
Wendy P. Bamatter, Ph.D.

Wendy P. Bamatter, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for adolescents and young adults. In addition to working with individuals struggling with pervasive emotion dysregulation and high-risk behaviors, Dr. Bamatter is also committed to providing affirming care to gender and sexual minority individuals. Dr. Bamatter completed post-doctoral fellowships at the Yale School of Medicine and McLean Hospital/Harvard Medical School.

Lisa MacDonald, M.Ed.

Lisa MacDonald, M.Ed., is the Director of Equity Compliance at MassBay Community College where she serves as the institution’s Title IX Coordinator and Affirmative Action Officer. As a member of the College’s equity leadership team, she provides ongoing education on harassment and discrimination prevention, serves as an investigator for harassment and discrimination complaints, and is currently co-chairing the College’s Review of Policies and Procedures for Systemic Racism. Prior to arriving at MassBay, Lisa was primarily in Student Affairs at small private institutions where she served as the Director of Residence Life at Babson College (2006-2012) and Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Director of Student Conduct at Curry College (2012-2018). Passionate about creating positive relationships and fostering confidence in others, Lisa has her own consulting business, Elleminc (pronounced Ell-Em-Ink) where she provides businesses and organizations with training, coaching, and best practices on how to engage in difficult conversations and have confidence in conflict. She resides in Natick, Mass., with her husband and daughter.

Susan Reynolds, M.Ed., has over 20 years of experience in academic technology and digital wellbeing. In 2007 Susan founded ABC Legacy: Atoms to Bits Children’s Legacy which generated the Look Up Foundation, committed to empowering teens and college students to join together to change their relationship to technology. As a teacher whose passion has always been to inspire her students to become change agents, she hopes to empower the next generation to find and implement these solutions. 

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All sessions are 12:00 – 2:00 pm

  • Session 1: January 5, 2024, Lisa MacDonald, M.Ed., Understanding Digital Abuse
  • Session 2: January 19, 2024, Wendy Bamatter, Ph.D., Online Technology, Mental Health and the Teenage Brain
  • Session 3: February 2, 2024, Susan Reynolds, M.Ed., The Digital Landscape, Social Media and Youth Mental Health 
  • Session 4: February 16, 2024, Susan Reynolds, M.Ed., Mindfulness in the Age of Digital Distraction
  • Session 5: March 1, 2024, Susan Reynolds, M.Ed., Envisioning and Creating a Healthy and Safe Digital World