A screen capture from the winning high school division video “Five Days, Five Ways” created by students at Melrose High School. (Courtesy Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth)

WAKEFIELD — The Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth (MPY) is proud to announce the winners of the 2022-2023 Public Service Announcement (PSA) Project. 

This year participating students were challenged to create a video PSA featuring the theme “The Earth Loves You. Love It Back.”

The theme and videos prepared were focused on the continued movement to be green and sustainable, and it challenged students to cover topics such as reducing paper consumption, saving electricity, educating others on sustainable development goals and planting trees.

Thirty-nine entries from nine school districts were submitted to this year’s contest. Entries were required to be 30 to 60 seconds long, and original work. 

A team of three students from Melrose High School created the winning video in the high school division with a video titled “Five Days, Five Ways,” which detailed five ways students can help save the environment over the course of just five days.

A team of two students from the Daley Middle School in Lowell created the winning video in the middle school division, with a video titled “Try Better Transportation,” which details more environmentally friendly ways people can go to school. 

Entries were judged by teams including school administrators, police chiefs, art teachers, community prevention professionals, school resource officers (SROs) and middle school students.

For more information about the PSA competition, visit MPY’s website here.

To view this year’s winning entries click here, or click here

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A screen capture from the winning public service announcement in the middle school division, “Try Better Transportation,” which was created by students at the Daley Middle School in Lowell. (Courtesy Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth)

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