WAKEFIELD — Executive Director Margie Daniels and the Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth (MPY) are pleased to announce the new MPY Parenting Solutions Library. 

The MPY Parenting Solutions Library is offered at no charge, in partnership with Peace At Home Parenting Solutions, a non-profit located in Mansfield, Connecticut. Peace At Home Parenting Solutions is a dynamic hub of trusted knowledge and compassionate support that inspires parents to create positive change for their children, their families and themselves. Through this new partnership, MPY is pleased to offer proven resources to help students’ families thrive.

Peace At Home Parenting Solutions specializes in empowering parents with evidence-based strategies to foster nurturing connections that safeguard their children’s mental well-being. The trainings are presented by experts with advanced degrees and the trainings focus on child and adolescent development, including difficulties in school, mental health challenges, neurodiversity, LGBTQ+ identity formation, racism, and grief. These trainings present easy-to-use strategies for long-lasting change.

This partnership supports MPY’s mission to provide training, foster collaboration, and promote programming to increase students’ health and safety.

MPY is offering proven resources to help students’ families thrive. Parents can watch or just listen to experts who get right to the point solving big and small challenges. Each Library includes 10-minute videos and handouts. Peace At Home Parenting experts translate it into easy-to-use strategies for long-lasting change. Tap into the power of the brain-body-behavior connection to gain clarity and confidence to help your family thrive.

“MPY is providing a wonderful opportunity for parents to learn techniques from experts, to help their children grow and develop in healthy, safe, and positive ways,” said Nahant Public Schools Superintendent and MPY President Tony Pierantozzi.

To browse the library, visit: https://peaceathomeparenting.com/mpy-solution-libraries/.

About the Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth, Inc.

Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides training, fosters collaboration, and develops programming to increase the health and safety of students. MPY is committed to bringing cutting-edge information and high-quality trainings to constituents and endeavors to provide solution-oriented, community-based, multi-disciplinary approaches to reducing and ideally eliminating risky behaviors for youth. MPY Programming reaches nearly 6,000 educators per year in Massachusetts, spread across approximately 300 districts, with more than 150 webinars and over a dozen conferences. 

Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth is governed by a Board of Directors made up of school superintendents, police and fire chiefs, and other community leaders who work closely with MPY staff to deliver this mission. To learn more, visit: https://massachusettspartnershipsforyouth.com/

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