WAKEFIELD — Executive Director Margie Daniels and the Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth (MPY) are pleased to announce a conference focused on dismantling oppression in schools. 


Tuesday, Jan. 30, from 8:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Tri-County Regional Vocational and Technical High School, 147 Pond Street, Franklin, MA 02038


•  Jessica Pepple, Ed.D., MBA, Inaugural Chief Diversity & Culture Officer, RFK Community Alliance
•  Andre Morgan, Ph.D., Director of Opportunity, Access and Equity, Beverly Public Schools 
•  Caroline Rooney, Ed.D., Teacher of English Language, Lebanon Middle School. Lebanon, New Hampshire
•  Alberto Carrero, Ed.D., Director of Multilingual Learners, Boston Public Schools
•  Pierre Jean, M.Ed., Assistant Principal, Needham High School


The Promise of Justice in the Education System: Dismantling the 4I’s of Oppression is a conference that will address the Four I’s of Oppression (Ideological, Institutional, Interpersonal, and Internalized) and how this complex system impacts historically marginalized and excluded groups in our schools. School should be the haven that does its absolute best not to let oppression appear and reside in its place. While we celebrate individuals being aware of the injustices that continue to perpetuate in society, we must also recognize that educating ourselves about these injustices must be undertaken concomitantly with dismantling oppressive systems. Throughout each session, presenters will show you actions you can take to unravel systemic oppression and its offspring, bias and prejudice.

“I believe that it only takes one person to leave an impact on a student’s life – either good or bad. Let’s choose to leave a good impact that will create hope, belonging, and justice in a child’s life. To do this, we must come together, as allies or even learners, to look at what needs to be dismantled and re-created to begin the construction of justice in the education system,” said Jessica Pepple, Ed.D., MBA, Inaugural Chief Diversity and Culture Officer at the RFK Community Alliance. “This conference aims to nurture the values of education and social justice for those willing to take action to address the various forms of oppression that may be happening in their community. The nurturing of these two powerhouses – education and social justice – must delve into understanding, creating, and implementing anti-oppressive policies and worthwhile values, which will be foregrounded at The Promise for Justice in Education Conference.”

About the Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth, Inc.

Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that provides training, fosters collaboration, and develops programming to increase the health and safety of students. MPY is committed to bringing cutting-edge information and high-quality trainings to constituents and endeavors to provide solution-oriented, community-based, multi-disciplinary approaches to reducing and ideally eliminating risky behaviors for youth. MPY Programming reaches nearly 6,000 educators per year in Massachusetts, spread across approximately 300 districts, with more than 150 webinars and over a dozen conferences. 

Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth is governed by a Board of Directors made up of school superintendents, police and fire chiefs, and other community leaders who work closely with MPY staff to deliver this mission. To learn more, visit: https://massachusettspartnershipsforyouth.com/

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