The following workshops are available remotely on Zoom for staff and parents. If mutually agreed upon by the presenter and requesting district, workshops may be offered in person.

Anti-Racism Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Utilizing the Growth Mindset

The growth mindset is the idea of continuous self-improvement and growth. But how can adolescents implement this mindset? This presentation will consider how to commit to a growth mindset, set appropriate goals, recognize multiple intelligences, stay motivated, work within limitations and develop ambitious habits so as to achieve success.
Trauma-Sensitive Classrooms and Schools

Vicarious Trauma and Self Care

Teachers are the front line to our students and often take on secondary trauma that their students have faced in their little lives. This can lead to fatigue and burn out in staff. Being able to identify physical and emotional symptoms of vicarious trauma as an educator allows teachers to build a tool box of self care supports.
Underage Substance Abuse

What Are You Puffing? Vaping and Our Youth

Vaping has recently become a troubling trend in our schools and communities. This workshop focuses on how to recognize vaping devices and products and the physical impact vaping has on the body.
School Assemblies

What Are You Puffing? Vaping Presentation

Vaping has recently become a troubling trend in our schools and communities. This presentation focuses on the physical and mental impact vaping has on the body. Many students falsely believe that vaping is a safe alternative to smoking cigarettes and are unaware of the health consequences.
Anti-Racism Diversity Equity and Inclusion

What Happens When You Crash

Presented by a former firefighter/EMT, this graphic and informative discussion will consider the car crash - from the physics of human deceleration in a vehicle to the predictable mechanisms of injury based on speed, body position in the vehicle and the use of seat belts and air bags. Students have recognized this as one of the most behavior-changing presentations that they have ever sat through.
Anti-Racist Classroom

Youth and Young Adult Mental Wellness

This workshop is being offered in partnership with Families for Depression Awareness. In this student assembly, Massachusetts teenagers and young adults who have lived experience with depression and bipolar disorder. Teen Speakers share their stories of identifying symptoms, seeking adult support, finding effective treatment, and learning how to stay well. This workshop aims to end mental health stigma by demystifying mental health conditions and to encourage help-seeking among teenagers and young adults.