The following workshops are available remotely on Zoom for staff and parents. If mutually agreed upon by the presenter and requesting district, workshops may be offered in person.

Mental and Behavioral Health

Improving Attendance & Truancy

Focusing on the importance of intervening early when students show a pattern of missing school or arriving late, this workshop explores the dynamics of excessive absenteeism and truancy, including why students do not come to school. Resources available through the courts and social service agencies are detailed. This presentation is only available to school staff and administrators.

Increase Your Confidence!

Most people are not as confident as they could be. In this workshop, you will do an initial assessment of your confidence and then learn ways to boost your confidence. You will also articulate the benefits of added confidence and how you can STAY confident.

Interprofessional Collaboration is Key to Effectively Supporting Students

Professionals working in the field of special education face the often challenging task of working with colleagues from different training and theoretical backgrounds to help students accomplish their educational, social, behavioral and functional goals. During this workshop, we will define collaboration, discuss how to adopt a collaborative mindset, and recommend specific collaborative behaviors for maintaining positive professional relationships with members of our teams while effectively working together to help students reach their goals.
Mental and Behavioral Health

Intervention Strategies for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (Remote Only)

Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) require specialized treatment based on their unique profile of strengths and vulnerabilities. This workshop will discuss effective treatment and intervention strategies that can be used in the classroom. This workshop will present current research and evidence-based practices to foster functional independence in the areas of social communication and interaction, behavioral regulation, and adaptive behavior. Use of supports that enhance academic and educational functioning will also be discussed.
Anti-Racism Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Introduction to Conscious Discipline (Remote Only)

What are some of the challenging behaviors you are dealing with as you teach? Traditional discipline does not always have the desired outcomes we seek. Conscious Discipline utilizes everyday events to cultivate emotional intelligence through a self-regulation program that integrates social-emotional learning and discipline. Learn what Conscious Discipline is all about and how to apply the concepts in your role as a teacher or as a parent. This workshop is recommended for Preschool through Elementary staff.

Introduction to Sensory Integration Disorders

Many children who may be identified as having behavioral struggles, may actually be managing the needs of their sensory systems. These systems process all of the internal and external stimuli that enter the body and brain throughout the day. By uncovering how each sensory system may be impacted, we can better understand the needs of the children we work with and more easily support their development and success in the classroom.
Anti-Racism Diversity Equity and Inclusion

It's All About Humanity - See Me! Hear Me! (Remote Only)

This workshop will focus on seeing the value of many minority groups. It acknowledges the importance of understanding anti racism through the lens of equity. It centers on why cultural inclusivity and race matters.

Kind Minds

Creating awareness about mental wellness can begin in elementary school. This interactive presentation teaches children how to identify their emotions, develop coping skills, and build empathy. Suitable for grades K-4 and facilitated by a licensed clinician from Minding Your Mind. Recommended for Grades K - 4. Available in Spanish.

LIFE/work Balance (Remote Only)

For many of us, we define ourselves by what we do professionally. This can be good, but also detrimental if we lose focus on everything else that life has to offer. In this workshop, you will assess your life in 18 areas – career and 17 others – to get a sense of your LIFE/work balance. You will also go through exercises to prioritize some other areas and set goals in them too. Finally, you will leave with a personalized, color-coded bar chart that reflects your 18 areas, which can be an excellent source of motivation, inspiration, and validation.

Making Sense of the English Language Development Framework

Get familiar with the newly revised English Language Development Framework (WIDA 2020) Standards, gaining practical insights and strategies to effectively support the linguistic and academic development of multilingual learners. This is an overview of the key elements of the framework including what has changed, what has remained, and how it applies to K-12 educators with multilingual learners.