The following workshops are available remotely on Zoom for staff and parents. If mutually agreed upon by the presenter and requesting district, workshops may be offered in person.

Mental and Behavioral Health

Students with High Functioning ASD (Remote Only)

Students identified with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), formerly known as Asperger's Syndrome, present behaviors that require more subtle and relationship-oriented interventions compared to an ABA approach. This presentation reviews some of the challenges inherent in this diagnostic profile, including addressing the question as to what interventions are necessary. Also detailed are social skills challenges those students encounter, with specifics addressing young students needs vs. adolescents.
Anti-Racism Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Supporting LGBTQ+ Youth in School and Community Settings

Research shows that youth who identify as LGBTQ+ are at significantly greater risk for harassment and discrimination, mental health challenges, and academic challenges. Fortunately, school-based interventions have been shown to reduce these disparities and help students to feel more supported. This workshop will review theories of identity development related to LGBTQ+ youth and how this may present to today’s world. This in-service workshop will also review common risk factors for behavioral and academic challenges Finally, participants will learn how to create safe and supportive learning environments for students with diverse sexual orientations and gender identities.

The Art of Supporting Our Students with Understanding and Compassion

This interactive training will enhance staff's understanding of the reasons behind students' behavior and how they can help their students achieve their goals. The training will cover practical student support strategies that are proactive, compassionate, and student-centered and the importance of responding to behavior with consistency and predictability in the classroom. Participants will explore how to approach their work with a neurodiversity affirming approach and how to effectively flow through challenging situations. This workshop is offered as a single session, multiple sessions, half-day training, or full-day training.

The Brain on Social Media (Limited In-Person Availability)

Dive into the world of neuroscience and psychology as this workshop offers a deep dive into how the brain reacts to social media. Explore the relationship between the brain on social media and peer feedback, peer influence, human connection, sleep, and evolutionary psychology. Learn to identify certain signs of addiction in children and adolescents and analyze fMRI scans to see how the neurochemistry of the young and developing mind is changing because of digital overload. How can we replace the dopamine we receive from social media with other forms of dopamine? Is social media a drug? How does social media addiction compare to other forms of addiction such as alcohol and substance abuse? These are just some of the topics to be explored by this presentation by Keegan Lee, a psychology and neuroscience researcher at The University of North Carolina.
Technology and Social Media

The Digital Well-being Playbook (Remote Only)

Do your kids spend a lot of time on Tiktok, YouTube, or playing Fortnite? Do you as parents struggle to understand everything that is going on in their online lives? You may also be wondering how your own relationship with technology might be healthier. You’re in the right place! Coming out of the pandemic, many of us have spent more time on screens than ever before, and the lines between home, work, and school are blurry, making it challenging to unplug from our devices. Join us as we discuss navigating this balance with tips and tools to: • Achieve sustainable, positive digital practices with family and at work. • Optimize your digital habits for better mental health and family connection. • Prevent and recover from sensory overload and digital overwhelm. • Positively shift your relationship with your devices so they fuel vs. fatigue your relationships.
Anti-Racism Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The Drug Alcohol

We think of alcohol as a beverage, but we know that it’s also a drug. Teens discuss “drinking” beer, “drinking” games and “drinking” as an activity unto itself, but what if we were to replace the word “drinking” with “drugging” in those contexts? If alcohol use creates changes in decision-making or mental status, we’re drugging with alcohol, and it’s important to understand alcohol in that context. This presentation examines alcohol as a drug, considering alcohol’s actions, side effects, dosing and overdosing, addiction and dependence risks, legal and health consequences and more.

The New Drug Education: Current Trends Requiring the Rethinking of Drug Education

The general acceptance of recreational intoxication in young people has never been as high as it is today, and as the country moves toward the decriminalization/legalization of marijuana, this popularity will continue to grow. The New Drug Education looks at current trends in use and attitudes about intoxication, considers best practices for educating and raising adolescents, and examines the legal and health risk factors young people are facing.
Technology and Social Media

The New Norm: Privacy Concerns of Students - New!

Today’s youth post their whole lives on social media platforms that seem to be ever-changing. Cell phone cameras and other recording devices present privacy issues for students and educators alike. New platforms for speech bring new concerns as to what speech is protected and what is not. This in-service workshop addresses what types of speech issues might arise in the context of Tik-Tok and other platforms, what can (and cannot) be done by the district, and how this might intersect with mandatory reporting requirements. This in-service workshop is also available for parents and community members.
Anti-Racism Diversity Equity and Inclusion

The Power of Play! (Remote Only)

Research shows that there is real power in play. Through play, children develop the social, emotional, cognitive, and physical skills they need to thrive both now and into their futures. Play is both fun and a vital way that children learn about themselves and the world around them. This workshop is recommended for Preschool through Grade 2 staff.

The Productivity Revolution: ChatGPT secrets for time management mastery (Remote Only)

In today’s fast-paced digital world, striking a balance between technology use and productivity is more challenging than ever, especially for educators and students navigating the complexities of remote and hybrid work and leisure. This workshop is for you! Designed to empower educators to harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence, specifically ChatGPT, to enhance efficiency and carve out more quality time for what truly matters. This engaging workshop explores the concept of Digital Flourishing, focusing on harnessing technology to support an empowered and harmonious tech-life balance, enabling participants to optimize digital tools for enhanced well-being and productivity. Participants will learn to master popular AI tools for efficiency and gain proficiency in ChatGPT to streamline everyday tasks, significantly reducing cognitive burden. This in-service workshop is also available for parents and community members.